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About Us

Our story began in the vibrant world of martial arts, and since then we have expanded our offer to cover a wide variety of disciplines such as KARATE, JUDO, KUNG FU, AIKIDO, TAEKWONDO, JU JITSU, HAKAME, KENDO, KEIKOGI, KRAV MAGA, BOXING, MMA, MUAY THAI and MUAY BORAN.

The passion for excellence in martial arts has led us to expand our portfolio beyond tatami mats, introducing innovative solutions for fitness, such as recycled rubber flooring for gyms and public spaces, and gymnastics mats.

Our vision extends even further, including industrial flooring, PVC flooring for swimming pools and beaches, and advanced products in the field of ballistics, such as ballistic blocks and walls and soundproofing panels. Each product, from WKF, WT, IJF certified tatami mats to a wide selection of fitness and wellness equipment, is the result of continuous research for quality and innovation, always in compliance with European standards. We offer specialized consultancy to guarantee tailor-made solutions that accompany the growth and evolution of our customers.

Our commitment to quality, innovation and reliability is reflected in every product and service offered. With a personalized approach and targeted consultancy, Vaxana Trade Srls confirms itself as the ideal partner for a varied clientele, which includes sports associations, public and private bodies. Our brands VAXANA® and PROTEIN INDUCTOR® are symbols of this dedication.

We firmly believe in building a stronger and healthier future through sport, embracing the dynamism of change and the strength of tradition.


As authorized dealers of all the brands represented, the product catalog is constantly growing to reach other sports sectors, always creating new partnerships.

Mission Statement

The company mission is to sell certified quality products, advising the customer on the best product according to their needs. We have supported many gyms, sports centers and environments related to sport and beyond. The relationship with the customer is fundamental for us.


Our story began in 1998 thanks to Mr. Danilo Macri's passion for Judo. It all started with a small shop in Verbania that sold martial arts items in the area.


Today we are present throughout the Italian market with over 10,000 customers. We supply martial arts and fitness gyms, Public Administration and private individuals setting up in Schools, Kindergartens, Universities, Barracks, Military Bases, Municipalities, Public Bodies.


The vision of Vaxana Trade Srls is strongly focused on sustainability and respect for the environment, aiming to create a circular system with low energy impact. The company is committed to reducing waste and negative environmental impacts, using recyclable materials and eco-compatible production processes. In addition, Vaxana Trade Srls adopts a meritocratic approach, promoting diversity and inclusion without discrimination of any kind. It also integrates the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to optimize production and improve operational efficiency, always guaranteeing high quality and safe products, in line with the required standards.

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